• Active Citizenship at Tufts

    In 2005, the Omidyars gave a $100 million gift to Tufts University to establish a fund that invests in global microfinance initiatives, enabling economic self-empowerment among the world’s poor.

    Civil Beat Law Center for the Public Interest

    The Civil Beat Law Center for the Public Interest advocates for transparency in government and advancing public access to information with free legal advice.

    Collaborative Leaders Network

    This initiative is designed to support leaders in Hawaii who want to take a collaborative, cross-sector approach to solving complex problems. It leverages the wisdom and problem-solving practices of diverse practitioners with Hawaii ties in an effort to foster positive social change throughout the community.

    Hawaii Community Foundation

    The Omidyar Ohana Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation fuels investments and charitable grants that aim to improve the lives of Hawaii residents.

    Hawaii Leadership Forum

    The Hawaii Leadership Forum serves as a catalyst and convener, aiming to advance all levels of leadership in Hawaii.

    Honolulu Civil Beat

    Created in 2010 by Pierre Omidyar, Honolulu Civil Beat informs and engages community members through public affairs and investigative reporting on topics of critical importance to Hawaii.

    Omidyar Fellows

    The Omidyar Fellows program, part of the Hawaii Leadership Forum, aims to cultivate a community of emerging leaders to collectively transform Hawaii’s future.

    The Omidyar Fellowship at Santa Fe Institute

    Aimed at creating “new leadership for new science,” this fellowship offers early-career scholars a residence of up to three years in a collaborative research community that provides cross-disciplinary opportunities to study complex problems that advance scientific frontiers.

  • The Giving Pledge Pam Pierre

    The Omidyars’ joined the The Giving Pledge in 2010. Read their commitment letter here. The Giving Pledge is an effort to help address society’s most pressing problems by inviting the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to commit to giving more than half of their wealth to philanthropy or charitable causes either during their lifetime or in their will.

    Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology Pam

    Pam’s love and appreciation of the ocean drives her support of The Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology at University of Hawaii, dedicated to the advancement of understanding and conservation of tropical marine ecosystems.

    Polynesian Voyaging Society Pam

    Pam has been a dedicated friend of the Polynesian Voyaging Society and believes in the organization’s commitment to perpetuate Polynesian voyaging traditions to inspire all people to preserve their culture and natural environments.

    Nicolas Berggruen Institute Pierre

    Pierre serves on the 21st Century Council at The Berggruen Institute - a forum for dialogue on global governance. Members include former heads of state, global entrepreneurs, and political thinkers.

    Omidyar Technology Ventures Pierre

    A for-profit venture capital firm which focuses on commercial technology innovation and entrepreneurs who look to solve big, meaningful problems.

    Punahou School Pierre

    Pierre is an alumnus and board member at Punahou School, the largest independent school in the U.S. Punahou School aims to develop the full potential of students to become engaged global citizens who can strengthen their communities.

    Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute Pierre

    Named after the Persian word meaning “enlightened, bright and clear,” the Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute is a nonprofit organization supporting the preservation, transmission, and instruction of the Persian language and culture. Pierre serves on its board of directors.

    Spero Ventures Pierre

    Spero, Latin for “hope,” invests in founders building a future that belongs to everyone. It is a venture capital firm that is optimistic about the role of technology in building a better world.

    UP2398 Pierre

    UP2398 is a venture capital fund that invests in and collaborates with innovative technology entrepreneurs. The name is a play on an airline flight number with 2398 representing the mileage between SFO and HNL, a route that founders Pierre Omidyar, Randy Ching and Alex Poon fly a lot, allowing for uninterrupted time for creative thinking.

    The World Post Pierre

    The World Post provides a platform for understanding current events through a global lens. Pierre is a member of the editorial board.